I am thankful for rain and my clients and students. We are thankful for rain , cooling down and letting the crops and plants have a break. Did you know that stretching for 5 minutes per day can help you retain the suppleness that you achieve in massage? It keeps the fascia more liquid and the tendons looser. Keep loose and have a fun and safe Fourth of July


WOW it’s hot today!

It is 100 degrees today and luckily it is not too humid, The last time I remember it being this hot I was 7 years old and my family was taking a car trip to Cincinnati to go see the zoo. That was in 1959 and my brother and I left our crayons in the car. Needless to say they were a big blob of colored wax when the day was done. Please be careful with yourselves and your pets in this heat and drought we are having.

Going from the cool of air conditioning to  this extreme heat is not good for muscles too so please do gradual changes. If you get achy from this be sure to keep your electrolytes up especially if you are sweating a lot.

I care about you!


Ow ! My Aching Back

With summer here we are doing lots more yard work and with that comes back soreness. If you are having muscle pain you can soak in a cold bath, apply cold compresses and see your massage professional. Massage is regulated in most states so be careful to choose a massage therapist who has her license or certification on the wall. Here in Indiana we have a certification which is supposed to be posted in the office where the massage therapist works.