Aurora Green , NCTMB,CMT Indiana, LMP WA

Aurora studied massage therapy in Port Townsend, WA . She is the owner of Aurora’s Massage and Northern Lights School of Massage in Muncie, IN. The school website is The school meets weekends so that working students can continue to change their lives through massage education while attending massage school.


2 comments on “Aurora Green , NCTMB,CMT Indiana, LMP WA

  1. Aurora, I love the new blog format, and will look forward to hearing all sorts of interesting information about the benefits of massage therapy, and, I expect, many reminders to get hydrated! Andrea

  2. What a warm and comfortable place. Easy to find and plenty of parking. I was there for student massage and to check-out the facility. I was very pleased and had my first four handed massage. Two students worked in cooperation and did a fine job of finding and relief of mussel tightness in my neck and shoulder area. Professional attitude and application . Good Job.
    Thank You

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